Monday, April 27, 2009

a statement of mission

I am presently sitting in a small nondescript inn in the middle of the Coachella Valley, staring at a turquoise pool and overcast sky, attempting to get this blog off the ground. I am seeking inspiration, trying to recount the countless meals I have ingested, witnessed, experienced and savored. It is an early hour to be brainstorming on a gastronomic level, made worse by the fact I have a stomach ache and am only craving tea and a nap in the sun before I head back to LA.

What a perfect way to start a food blog.

No rules yet, no clear vision. Just a heap of memories and an insatiable appetite. A major curiosity and a growing concern. Hopefully a consistent account of what is being eaten, grown, bought, sold and cooked. Not just a culinary adventure but an investigation into why and how we eat, who we eat with and who we don't. A closer look at the politics of food and the local and slow food movements. Informal restaurant reviews and play by plays of late night snack preparation.

Everything. Kitchen sinks and corkscrews included.

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